Millions of users around the world spend hours on social applications like What's App, Google Meet, Microsoft teams every day. Have you ever thought to build an application with scratch with the same functionalities you come across in your day-to-day life?

Recently, I started learning React and thought to build a real-time application with React and Ruby on Rails. This was also my first time trying a hands-on Real-time application using Action Cable and it worked finally.

We will cover the complete app features in two parts of the Blog.

PART — 1

In part one, we will talk about building a…

Finally, the wait is over, Ruby 3.0 will be released this Christmas as confirmed by Matz, creator of Ruby in his last presentation.

Every Ruby developer might have a bunch of questions floating in the mind, whether Ruby will overcome its shortcomings, become faster, or get async nature like other native languages like Javascript, the big buzz in the world of web development.

Well, its hard to say now, but with its upcoming features will definitely raise the bars. The new version of Ruby seems to be specifically designed to make it faster, concurrent & correct.

No more Performance issues

DocuSign is a platform for the online signing of documents, legal agreements where you as an application owner or developer can send documents to the end-users for signing process after approval/consent from DocuSign & users can sign with their own electronic signature.

Remote Signing

Pricing And Plans

Docusign comes with a three plan Personal, Standard, and Business Pro plans.

Apart from document signing, DocuSign offers features like reminder notifications, payment gateway, bulk-sending of templates to multiple users in premium plans.

Go through below link for details :

Getting Started

Gem Used : docusign_esign

gem 'docusign_esign'
bundle install

Account and keys setup :

  1. Signup: create your…

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